Project Type New Construction
Project Description The proposed Milton Senior Housing property is designed to be a 24-unit senior housing facility. Having completed a high performance building previously, the developer wanted to build a building that met even higher performance standards, and engaged Commons Energy and other partners to make Milton Senior Housing the first Passive House certified multi-family property in the Northeast. The project will be certified through the new Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) + 2015 Certification program.

Engineering and Design Commons Energy is part of a design team that includes Certified Passive House Consultants and the state’s energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Vermont, which also provides the PHIUS+ Rating services. Each member of the team is dedicated to having this property achieve PHIUS+ Certification and set a new standard for low-income multi-family construction in Vermont and beyond.

Construction Management Commons Energy will provide project oversight and reviews during construction.

Project Partners Cathedral Square Corporation, Efficiency Vermont, Duncan Wisniewski Architecture, J.D. Kantor, EcoHouses of Vermont

Measurement and Verification
Commons Energy will provide measurement and verification of the energy efficiency performance of the Milton Senior Housing property for the entire term of the financing (15 years). Performance will be measured against a baseline building using calibrated energy modeling of the building. This monitoring will provide enormous benefit both for providing data relating to the PHIUS+ standard and for identifying operational issues as they occur.

Project Financing
Commons Energy will finance the incremental cost of the building materials needed to reach PHIUS+ Certification, and will guarantee that the building performs as designed.
List of Improvements PHIUS+ 2015 Certification (specific strategies include): • Super-insulated and airtight envelope • Energy Recovery Ventilation • VRF Heating and Cooling • Low-flow water fixtures • Efficient lighting design

Projected Savings
The project is expected to save approximately 65% of total site energy use over a similar building meeting minimum energy code requirements. In addition, the project is expected to cut heating costs by more than 80%.