Whether it’s the consistently refreshing taste, the resurgence of craft beverages, or the benefit of being naturally gluten free, it’s safe to say that hard cider is having its heyday. No company is more involved in this movement than Vermont Hard Cider Company.

With seven dynamic, multinational brands to manage, Vermont Hard Cider is constantly sharing logos, sell sheets, posters and other marketing materials with different users across the globe. While such digital assets are critical to brand growth, Vermont Hard Cider did not have a dependable location in which to manage them.

For such a busy brand, this posed a major challenge. The beverage company needed a way to quickly share assets with hundreds of wholesalers. However, each version of an event poster, sell sheet or new product release lived in a different location. In this situation, it was extremely time consuming to locate updated assets from different brands and share them upon request.

Vermont Hard Cider Company implemented Brandfolder to improve communication, standardize organization, and strengthen each of their seven brands.

Vermont Hard Cider organized their assets with tags such as #sellsheet and #pos, making each Brandfolder easy to navigate. And with custom sections labeled as Product Shots, Sell Sheets, and New Products; the company knows that wholesalers will always find the asset they are looking for.

To be sure that each of their available brand assets are relevant, employees that have been added as collaborators can update and delete assets instantly. This eliminates the hassle of deciphering between different versions of the same asset.

To protect the integrity of their brands’ assets, Vermont Hard Cider created customized permission levels for each user. Both wholesalers and employees are given secure, on-demand access to all of the brand assets they need, when they need them.

About Vermont Hard Cider
The Vermont Hard Cider Company, LLC is a profitable hard cider company with a passion for producing the highest quality products with a commitment to people and values, while remaining socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible.

About Brandfolder
Brandfolder makes digital asset management simple. Our easy-to-learn SaaS platform helps marketers and designers organize, update and share their brand assets from a single online location.