Natur-Bag liners have held up well to both hot and cold disposal of coffee grounds. They have also allowed Vermont Coffee Company to streamline their disposal process saving them both time and money. Natur-Bag has provided a simple, clean, and environmentally sound solution.    

Vermont Coffee Company recently opened a café on site. Once the café opened they were faced with a challenge of what to do with the 50 pounds of coffee grounds that they generated on a weekly basis. As coffee grounds tend to be hot, wet, and heavy, finding the right compostable liner is essential for a successful program. THE PROCESS Vermont Coffee Company worked with their local waste management company to arrange the composting solution. The final hurdle they had was how to transfer the grounds from the café to the repository on the other side of the building. The café uses a 10-gallon Rubbermaid bucket for its daily use, but emptying and cleaning the buckets each day became resource (water, detergent) and labor intensive. The solution was to use a compostable liner in the collection buckets. After evaluating several options, they decided to try the Natur-Bag 13-gallon compostable liners. 

Natur-Bag compostable bags and liners are used for the collection of food scraps and other organic waste for home, community, and industry composting. Our products are 100% compostable and integrate seamlessly in zero-waste and organic diversion programs. We engineered Natur-Bag for superior strength and to breathe naturally, dissipating moisture to help control odors while keeping collection bins clean. Natur-Bag is available in a wide variety of sizes, from 3 gallon bags for kitchen counter top pails up to 96 gallon liners for large collection bins.

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